Say Uncle … how to do a feasibility study prior to automate my tests?

5 02 2009

Principle: a feasibility study to determine the value of automating tests and technical feasibility. Below the summary type of a study, with some guidance to help you complete this document.
1 – First of all we must validate the technical aspects of automation: ensuring that the controller is suitable for a technical point of view to the automation of the application (on a sample of the batch scripts to automate)

  • Using documents prerequisite automata

2 – Speak the GO / NOGO

3 – Make Prototyping:
– Identify scenarios representative scenarios using existing manuals:

  • Scenario Complexity Simple
  • Scenario complexity « Medium »
  • Scenario complexity « Complex »

– Setting up scenarios and Quality Center /TESTLINK / Salome QuickTest Pro / SELENIUM:

  • Automation scenarios (eg selection criteria scenarios):
  • Scope: to automate functions stable (test of non-regression tests and no automatic changes)
  • Frequency: automate testing of functions to be tested regularly
  • Criticality: automate critical functions
  • Estimate the duration of automation for each scenario
  • Estimate the manual execution scenarios (to compare the charges)
  • Estimate the cost of maintenance scenarios there is a version

– Establish the beginnings of ROI:
– Identify « Best Practices » to implement

  • Library functions of the application, VB reusable functions, object management, etc..
  • Refer to the article on how to automate and good practices

– Identify the method for managing data sets
– Make recommendations on the management of versions of the scripts.

Below a small example of a feasibility report. This document covers:
Study Objectives
Client_xxx and your_company we agreed to conduct a feasibility study to determine if an automated test campaigns is possible.
This could yield savings in time result. Reusability as well as by third parties other than the teams your_company.

The objective of this study therefore is:
– What are the various modules / parts automatable?
– With what resources (software, tools) to automate these tests?
– The gains are significant?

  • How did we do?

A first choice initially focused on the controller (QuickTest Pro / SELENIUM) in view of the constraints and needs Client_xxx.
Then, from the scenarios in (Quality Center / TESTLINK / Salome)  we selected a few tests as significant.
Then we « Recorded and scripted » using the controller.
To illustrate more clearly the possible explanations: the video below shows an example of test automation application for AAA, with the automatic yyyy (name of the feature).
The software automatically tests:

  • Step 1
  • Step n

Attach the video of the action of the automaton (the tools available on the Internet and free).
It is important to take a concrete example or the impact on the customer will be weakened and less percussive.

  • Results of the study

The feasibility study has shown that:
– Most applications are compatible with the automation tool xxx. This compatibility has been verified through the document « ddd », provided in the appendix.
– A lot of the scenarios are automatable by Selenium:
The ‘mmm1 « , which is to verify the proper functioning of xxx
The ‘mmm2
Parts not automatable affect trade flows between different modules:
Exchange (the problem of detecting objects by xxx), etc.





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